Volume n’ Tricks, After Effects isometric plugin

Our New Plugin for Adobe After Effects, made with love.

Hi Designer!

I invite you to discover Volume n’ Tricks:


This After Effects plugin allows you to create a scalable isometric Grid, and then :

  • Create 24 isometric projections (3*4 * RTL and LTR) + 8 skew (bias) projections.
  • Define an extrusion with a unique volume FX and a pretty smooth light falloff
  • Set the brightness angle
  • Cast the (emulated) light shadow
  • Apply gradient
  • Choose different blend modes
  • Manage drop shadows and rendering quality.
  • …And much more!

Volume n’ Tricks uses native AE functionalities and does the maths for you, so you keep complete control of your layer, and your fellows don’t need to have the plugin to edit your file.

Last but not least, you can add keys to almost all properties.


If you need support or want to receive more information, please fill in the form below:

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