Some of our tools

guidesUp! Free Plugin for Adobe After Effect“GuidesUp !” Plugin for After Effects.

The goal of this script (.jsxbin) allows you to manage  “Guides” with a single click in After Effects, but it also:

Create and use an Isometric 3D Map (yep!)
Create a Hex Map (yep too!)
Create a guide map based on the Golden Ratio(yep too & too!)
Add cinematic black bands (because it’s cool)
Enframe items (set automatically guides around shapes, footage etc.)
Position guides on items anchor points
Toggle Snap (magnetism of the Rulers)
Toggle view rulers and guides at once, in a single click!
Make your guides setup compatible with your keys on the timeline




Volume n' TricksVolume n’ Tricks

This After Effects plugin allows you to create a scalable isometric Grid and then :

Create 24 isometric projections (3*4 * RTL and LTR) + 8 skew (bias) projections.
Define an extrusion with a unique volume FX and a pretty smooth light falloff
Set the brightness angle
Cast the (emulated) light shadow
Apply gradients
Choose different blend modes
Manage drop shadows and rendering quality.
…And much more!


Volume n' Tricks!